An Upcoming Project

In a last ditch effort to avoid my homework that is due tomorrow morning, here is my success story for the day.

This lovely shutter was purchased a while back for either $6 or $8, I can't remember. I have been patiently waiting to find matching picture frames in order to put some of our engagement photos (yeesh, taken almost a year and a half ago!) to good use. And today, I hit the jackpot. I only needed 4 matching frames, but I found 2 more as well.
And they were all 99 cents a piece.
Gotta love a deal. :)

A preview of what is to come...


  1. cute! can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Love shutters. I left a couple at a garage sale. $5 each. Now I'm kicking myself. What was I thinking. Love your blog background and the quote.

    Lisa x

  3. Okay, I'll hurry! This impending blizzard might throw a hitch, but we'll see what I can get accomplished! :)
    And Lisa, I HATE when I do that to myself! Thank you. :)


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