Saturday was a very crafty day. Most of the projects turned out well.
My lamps, however, are another story.
A sad, frustrating story.
I've decided that they didn't turn out they way that I wanted the first time.
So I tried again with a different color.
And it didn't work. Sigh. Another time.

The most exciting project was my diy cloche.
I purchased this cheese dome a couple of months ago for $8. Even though I would have liked to pay less, these things are rare to find around here for such an inexpensive price.
So I statched it.
Because I am impatient.

Not looking the best, right? But I knew that it had potential.

My (again, so fabulous) mother-in-law knew of my potential project and let me raid her candlesticks.
We came up with this:

Grab a can of spraypaint (this "Perfect Finish" line might be my new favorite for wood) and get to work!

After everything was painted and dry, I realized that I might have needed to glue the two pieces together first.
Oh well. I took a pencil and mapped out the placement of the candlestick.
Then I sanded the top of the candlestick and the plotted center of the dome base.

That's the thing about diy projects.
You live and learn.
Then you get Luv's.
...wait, that's not right!

Next, I used Elmer's wood glue to secure the two parts together. Make sure to weigh down the candlestick to ensure that they are glued securely.

And now you have your very own

The rest of the weekend's projects will be updated as I finish putting them to use.
Those dang lamps.
Third time's a charm.

Happy week, everyone!


  1. Hello dear Belle!

    "Well, perhaps there's something there that wasn't there before." (a beautiful cloche)

    "Well Your Highness, I must say everything is going just swimmingly. I knew you had it in you, ha ha! "

    I loved what you did with Lumiere and Cogsworth.

    What kind of look were you envisioning? Nothing ever looks the way I think it will, sorry it hasn't worked - yet. But you'll nail it.

    Lisa x

  2. Love it - can't wait to see what you put in there!

  3. Really,really cute! Also thanks for the comment you left on my blog
    Connie the crafterbug

  4. ohhh, I really like that! I recently went thrifting and picked up everything I need to re-create this! I wasn't planning on putting it on a candlestick but yours looks so cool that I just might! New follower and here's the post with my thrifty finds!

  5. Very pretty! Can't wait to see some more of your projects. Have a great day, Vicky

  6. So much better on a stand! Good job! Lovin' the glossy black paint!

  7. Very nice. You did a great job. And it looks nice in the vignette you have created. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  8. Oh wow, I adore this. Fabulous! I want one too. :) My Weekend Link Party starts tomorrow so feel free to hook up if you want. Love it. I am your newest follower. Have a great day!
    Humble Homemaking

  9. loving the glossy black...ah, my first cloche, lol. this is bringing me back. ok, it hasn't been that long! but i remember being so flippin' excited when i finally found a cheesedome!

  10. Ok, I have the same "lid." Mine came with a glass cheese stand that broke years ago. I keep trying to use it as a cloche and placing it on different plates, etc but never can get it to look right. I love this idea of adding height to the base since the glass lid is small. I'm copying you!!! Thanks for the idea!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  11. OOH! I love it! I can never find ANY of those anywhere I go... Im a thrift store junkie, and I just cant find them :( boo.

    Anyways, Im your newest follower through the blog hop... Love for you to visit too!


  12. Love how it turned out. Well done, it looks amazing, glad for you that this turned out better than your lamps project.

  13. That is so beautiful! I love it!

  14. I'm visiting from The Girl Creative. This turned out really cute. I didn't even know those things were called cloches. I am so enlightened now :)

  15. Love the look of it. That candlestick makes is so dramatic. I just picked up a cheese dome the other day too thinking.....I'm going to use this for a cloche....everyone in blog land is so cloche-y nowadays!! :-) Yours looks fantastic. Here hoping I am find something suitable for mine. :-)

  16. turned out great! I had a project failure this weekend too. so disappointing. sigh.


  17. In Heaven {sigh}.... totally worth hopping over here to see this! Awesome mom-in-law, sounds like fun to go shopping at her house. :)

  18. ok, so you have the table i've been lusting over and now this..... ugh!
    love love love this too!

  19. Thanks for hooking up at my Weekend Link Party! Have a great day.
    Humble Homemaking

  20. Looks great. I actually passed on a cheese dome a few weeks back at a local thrift store...not sure WHAT I was thinking...I am sure it is no longer there now though. DOH! I am still new to the thrifting world ;)

  21. I loved your project so much that I featured it on this weeks Weekend Review at Humble Homemaking! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and creativity. Click the link below to check it out and collect your featured button for your blog! Have a great day. :)
    The Weekend Review at Humble Homemaking

  22. What a great idea...and so simple...I will be shopping at the GW next week! Dianntha

  23. Ooh! Love this. Looking at the before pic, I didn't realize its potential, but you certainly did.

    Following you now! Found your blog at creative corner. I'd love it if you could stop by mine sometimes (thanks!):



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