Photo Project & Thifty Treasures

Today was an incredibly productive day in my world of decorating. That's right, I finished my "upcoming project"! I was also able to snag some beauties for great deals as well. But first, the project.

As you may remember, I purchased a shutter for either $6 or $8 (I can't remember, it's been that long ago) at an antique store. It needed a little bit of love, but I knew that it was perfect for me. Especially for the price. A few weeks ago, inspiration finally hit and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the shutter. All I needed to do was be patient (a very difficult thing for me to do, by the way) and search for a set of 4 wooden frames that matched each other and the look of the shutter. I finally hit the jackpot and got all frames, plus 2 extra, for 99 cents a piece.

Next, I visited my local Lowe's. I prefer Home Depot, but this was on the way. I simply needed a small bottle of Old English for light wood. This stuff is MAGIC, and I don't know how I was able to live this long without having to purchase it for myself.
My next trip was to Hobby Lobby. I should have gone elsewhere, but I was impatient and didn't want to search high and low for something as silly as photo mattes. I ended up purchasing 2 that I love and 2 that aren't as fabulous but still match the others.

The next day, during a half snow day, I worked on the shutter and frames. The shutter just needed cleaning and a little bit of Old English to make it pretty. I also had to remove the hardware. No big deal.
The larger frames were pretty scratched up, but no worries! Nothing a little Old English can't fix.

I also used my new "Economy Size" bottle of Windex and my favorite Viva paper towels (I'm a paper towel snob, by the way. Along with a few other items, mainly in my kitchen.) to clean up the glass itself.
Now let it be said that you get what you pay for.
Any time you pay 99 cents for a frame, don't expect one that will do the things you ask it to do. These frames were all ones that held the backing with staples. Perfectly efficent, but a pain in the rear to mess with when taking out the glass.

After I cleaned the glass, I put in the photo mattes and pictures, and voila!

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing. I did decide to take the hanging dohickey (you know, the metal thing with teeth) off the back of one of the frames and put it on the back of my shutter. This made hanging the shutter a breeze, and was fairly easy to accomplish.

Next, they hang! Actually, I had to wait to hang these until the next day. By the time I got around to hanging them, it was about 11:30pm. And if you live in an apartment, it's just not very nice to hammer into your walls at that time of night. I complain about my singing neighbor quite frequently (he is a vocal major and feels the need to practice at 1:00am), so I didn't want to be one of those people. Also, Patrick can be very persuasive if he things I am doing something that isn't very nice.

So today, they hung! I swear to you that the pictures are all even. Let me rephrase: I swear to you that the pictures are as even as possible. I have had a sneaky suspicion that our apartment leans for a while. This project didn't help that suspicion.

Let me go on record as saying that me posting this picture is an effort of ridding myself of some pride.
I hate my couch.
Don't get my wrong. I am completely blessed and thankful to even have a couch. It was given to us, instead of thrown out. Also known as FREE. It is a very comfy cozy couch. It has a pretty comfy pull out bed.
However, it is not a very flattering pattern or color of fabric. It is also a very old couch and normal slip covers don't fit the couch like, well, normal. The cushions slide out from under your butt every time you sit on them for an extended period of time (and let's face it, what's a couch for if you don't sit on it for a while?).
And the slip cover fight just drives me absolutely bonkers.

Another tidbit about this photo. The pillow on the right was made by my great grandmother (my Gigi) a long time ago. I will never get rid of it.

Today was a thrifting and antiquing day. I set a budget before I went, and it's a good thing. Sheesh. There is just so much cute stuff out there! Most of it is really expensive, which seems to be my taste.

Here is what I found!
2 LARGE burlap sacks - $4 each.
1 One Gallon glass jug - $3.
1 small glass jar - 50% off $1.50 = $0.75.
1 small birds nest with eggs - 75% off $0.56 = CHEAP.

My friend Lindsey discovered the amazing gallon jugs. She got one for herself and told me that there were more waiting at the thrift store! I am forever thankful. :)

Yet again, I'm in love.


  1. ok so when i saw that other glass jar to the right yesterday i almost got it but decided against and definitely thought of you too! i just forgot to point it out lol! it's cute! and the birds nest, adorable! did you find the burlap sacks at heart and hand? if so i'm jealous, i was so looking for burlap there yesterday! nice jug by the way! :)

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  3. Such a nice project, the shutters and pics look great together. I have an OLD Flexsteel couch which I've slip covered multiple times (it is now chocolate brown twill) but it is the most comfortable sleeping couch so the family won't let me get rid of it! There's even talk of putting it in the will to avoid trouble, lol! Loving your style and makeovers, kudos!


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