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I Always Come Back to Writing

Aside from one brief appearance, I have remained absent from this blog of mine for over a year and a half. Since the death of my sweet mother-in-law, life has thrown some major curve balls our way. We've seen the highest of highs and have done happy dances on the mountaintops, and we have walked the depths in the darkness in those lowest of lows, all within a matter of mere months (sometimes days). It's a jarring feeling, and I fear that we're suffering the pains of that kind of whiplash.

It's odd, really, when I stop to think about my life (as any INFJ is prone to do about 637 times a day). I've noticed that I'm beginning to categorize things in a "pre-England" and "post-England" kind of way. Not that our moving abroad was some spectacular pinnacle around which our entire lives revolve; it's more that the year we spent overseas feels oddly foreign (for lack of a better word), like it was an experience far removed from any other facet of…

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