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Baby Womack: Getting to Know You

The month of August is officially upon us, the planning of the new school year has begun, and Patrick and I can officially say that we're expecting our baby next month. Where on earth has the summer of 2018 gone?!

Yesterday, we officially hit the 34-week mark and I had my last bi-weekly appointment. Starting two weeks from now (the week school starts), I'll have weekly appointments until baby Womack decides to make his/her appearance. Things are starting to get real around here, folks! As if that 34-week belly (pictured below) didn't make that obvious.

At our appointment yesterday, our doctor confirmed that this babe is still measuring two weeks ahead according to my fundal height. Not surprising given that it has been that way since our anatomy scan at 20 weeks, and not surprising given family history (my mom measured two weeks ahead with me, and I was 6 lbs 11 oz despite being born at only 36 weeks). Our doctor ordered an ultrasound for my next appointment to check thin…

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