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Our Precious, Growing Gift

It astounds me how quickly time passes when you're least expecting it. Look away for too long and you'll be left wondering how it slipped by so quietly, so unnoticed, all while you were keeping busy, unknowingly marching to its very beat.

Thus, it's probably a good idea to write another blog post before even more time floats on by. Four and a half months have passed since our sweet baby Benjamin was born. How that's possible, I'm really not sure. The road to one month was a complete blur; two months was nothing short of hellish; three months was pretty stinkin' rough; by month four, it seems that we have finally figured each other out and have settled into our respective comfort zones; month five is approaching and it's looking even better. Hallelujah.

A precious, precious woman from our church felt called to give me a verse of encouragement when I was very pregnant (and very anxious) with Ben:
"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the…

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