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These Fleeting Moments

A newborn baby: what a ride. Ten weeks into our new life with baby Benjamin, I am awed at how it just feels so right for him to be here with us. These past ten weeks have been tough, brutally so for some of it, but I wouldn't give up a second of it because it is all exactly meant for our little family.
Benjamin's first ten weeks has been full of challenges. Not related to Ben at all, our fridge was out when we brought him home from the hospital, and now our water heater has been out for almost two days. My sweet boy has had a myriad of struggles in these first weeks of his little life, too. First, the jaundice. That stupid light box and hospital trips and heel pricks were miserable. Then the tongue tie. He did so well when he got it clipped, but leading up to it was terrible because he was always so exhausted but so, so hungry. Then he wasn't gaining weight as quickly as he should, mostly because of the tie. He also had this massive amount of nasty eye goop from a clogged…

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