Blog Baby {6 months old}

Marni over at Sassy Sites
(which is, by the way, one of my most favorite blogs to follow)
is hosting a linky party for new blogs. Since she said that I still qualify (being in my 6th month of blogging), this is a special post for the event.

A little bit of info about myself:
I am married to a lovely man. His name is Patrick, and he happens to have a gorgeous head of red hair (he is currently growing it out for Locks of Love - again; the picture was taken over a year ago, obviously on our wedding day). The Irish ties between Patrick and his hair color were simply coincidence; his parents named him before they saw his lovely locks.

Patrick is 11 months younger than me, but he is a very old soul.
In fact, we are both old souls. Something that I love.

In my family, I am outnumbered by redheads. I have 1 redheaded husband, 1 stepmom, 2 sisters, 3 (of 4) aunts, and 4 cousins; they are all from my dad's side of the family. The child that births the largest number of redheads get's my dad and stepmom's "estate" (a family joke that probably really isn't a joke). You can see where the blondes and brunettes stand.

 It takes a great amount of brain power to count the entire amount of people in my family, and math isn't my best subject. So I won't. Just know that I have 4 siblings, 17 cousins on my dad's side (I think), and my dad is the second oldest of 8 children.

Patrick and I have a cat. Her name is Chloe. And she is our baby.
She is not a normal cat. She obeys what we say (most of the time, she still likes to go into the kitchen from time to time). And get this.
I kid you not. We didn't teach her to do this, she just started playing one day. We had a small piece of crumbled up paper laying somewhere. Of course, Chloe starts playing with it. Then she picks it up in her mouth, trots over to us (literally trots), and drops it. She then proceeds to meow until we pick up the paper and throw it across the room. After which she races toward the paper, plays with it, picks it up in her mouth, trots on over, and the process starts again.
She is the coolest cat ever. And she's amazingly sweet. And hysterically funny.

I am currently a nanny for a family with a 2 and 4 year old pair of sisters. They keep me busy, but never fail to amuse me.

I am also a student at a University. Coming back to school was not a hard decision; I couldn't wait to delve back into my nerdy side.
Yesterday, I was an Elementary Education major.
I changed my major today, officially, to English Education. This change excites me so very much! But there is much more to be discussed about this in a later post. But I am so excited at the idea of teaching high school English.

The majority of the rest of my "surface" details can probably be explained through a copy of my info from my personal facebook page.
"Chapstick. Extra Polar Ice gum. Good coffee. Without these, my daily life would come to a halt. I swear, at my funeral it will be mentioned that I was always losing my chapstick. Because I am.

I would be completely content just reading a book and drinking coffee on a rainy day. Or curling up with a big blanket watching the fire with snow falling outside. Or soaking up sun on my favorite beach, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. These things make me infinitely happy."

Make sure to go visit Marni over at her site, and link up if you are a new blogger!


Now, back to that bugger of a study guide...


  1. This was great. Love your cat, and good on you for pursuing your dreams regarding English. I'm married to a red head too. But we would lose the estate lol. Have a great day.

    Lisa x

  2. Thanks for stopping by humble homemaking! Fun post... it is nice to learn more about you! :) Good luck on your new major choice. It sounds great! I used to Nanny too before I got married and loved it. It was a brilliant experience. I hope you have a great day.
    Humble Homemaking

  3. You too are too cute and your kitty is adorable!

  4. Hi, I came to visit from our comment at The Crafty Gals.... after visiting a linky at Naturally me Creations..... I wanted to see your cloche project, and fell in love with your cat!! So cute! And the fetching -the coolest ever! Our cat, Tigger (not too original, I know) goes on walks with us. We take our 2 dogs, call for him if he isn't already standing around waiting to go too, and he heads out. He's pretty fun too. :)


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