{Best Ever} Snow Ice Cream

So yesterday we had yet another snow day! Gasp! Inconceivable! (Sorry, I've been on a "quoting The Princess Bride" kick today.) What did I do for the first time ever?

I made snow ice cream.
And it was fabulous!

The pictures are horrid. I have no camera (something that pains me every time I think about it),
so I have to stoop down to using the camera on my phone.
Sometimes, it takes fantastic pictures.
Other times (mostly in my apartment, you know, where all the crafting is done), it craps out on me.
So I'm sorry.

What you will need:
8 cups fresh, clean snow
1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla

1. Gather your snow.
(This was before measuring.)

2. Measure out 8 cups.
3. Add the delicious sweetened condensed milk.
(If you want it less intensely sweet, I would add a cup or so more snow. It's awesome, but very rich! Patrick and I could only eat one small bowl each! By the way, like that nicely recovering blister on my thumb? So photogenic! What you can't see is the mirroring blister on the other thumb.)

4. Add the vanilla.
(These are Patrick's manly hands, not mine! Taking a picture while you're doing something is harder than it looks.)

5. Mix it all together.
(At times, it seems like it won't all mix, like somehow there isn't enough moisture. And it gets a little thick to mix. Don't you worry. Just keep on mixing!)

6. And enjoy!!
(Seriously, eat immediately after serving. There's a reason that Frosty can't stay indoors! Again, this is Patrick's manly face with crazy long hair. Not mine.)

And there you have it. The world's best snow ice cream recipe ever.
Thanks, Paula Dean!


  1. I'm not showing my daughter this - we have no snow here. It looks great.

    Lisa x

  2. Thanks a bunch for stopping by. THIS is one of the only things I like about snow. If it snows here again this year, I'm making this one for sure!
    Scissors & SPatulas


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