Hodgepodge of a Post

I know, I know! I am such a lazy blogger! Not a single post during 3 free snow days?! Ridiculous!

In all honesty, there haven't been any posts because nothing significant has happened worth blogging about (besides our city shutting down for several days due to a certain blizzard/snowmageddon/snowapalooza). But today, that has all changed.

First off, I'll recap our lovely lazy snow days with a few pictures.
Just in case the power went out, I made some chocolate chip cookies. You know, because we needed things to eat that didn't require refrigeration....
....and because they are, in one word,

So those were made, and then it looked like this the next day.

And it just got worse (or better, in my personal opinion) from there. Patrick and I don't get cabin fever very easily, so we were quite content staying home and doing absolutely nothing for a few days. The two of us ventured out once or twice a day after the initial blizzard was over in order to get some fresh air, and had a little bit of fun while we were at it.

After the sunshine came out and melted some of the gorgeous white stuff, Patrick and I went out to dinner with his parents. It was there that I was informed of Ree Drummond's (aka The Pioneer Woman) book signing the next day at a local book store! What?! And I already had plans and I couldn't weasel out of them! Drats!

Today, before antiquing with my favorite mother in law, she surprised me with
one of the best gifts EVER.
I repeat. E.V.E.R.!!

Dangit. She's beautiful, super talented, funny, apparently SUPER sweet and has gorgeous handwriting. Of course she has gorgeous handwriting.
I have already read through the entire cookbook. And it is as fabulous as you can possibly imagine.
P.S. I have the world's most amazing mother in law. Period.

After receiving this amaizng gift from an amazing person, we went to our favorite antique store. And I found this:

I put in the spanish moss at the bottom, but I need more. It was all that I had on hand. Needless to say, I love it. It was a little pricey at $14, but it just HAD to be mine. It was calling my name and everything!

Later on, I went to a thrift store and found these dolls. They are Hoosier Glass bud vases. Very dirty but similar to the one I found here.
Not too shabby for 79 cents each. :)

And tonight, in a random organization effort, I grabbed my collection of buttons and extra mason jars. Then, I organized.

I use them for these:

Wow. This is a huge hodgepoge of a post. Maybe I should try posting more often. :)

P.S. I love the fact that both my husband and I, although not always together, watch Criminal Minds. But I probably shouldn't watch the dang show alone. The freaky ones always air when I am by myself!! No nightmares, please.


  1. I just love the look of mason jars! I need to invest in some! and how sweet of Bernice to get the book signed for you! so awesome!

  2. Thanks, I love them, too! We need to get together soon and go to the antique shops on 39th and see if we can snag some actual antique jars. :)


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