A Vintage Vision...

Brilliance has struck!
In the beginning of finals week. Boo!
Ah... oh well.
Here's a sneak peek...
hehe I can't wait!!! :)

A vintage window frame was being used (very temporarily) for holding the excess of holiday cards.
It's going from this...

...to this...

...with the addition of these.
(here's the story about the amazing vintage post cards!)

Oh goodness gracious, I am SO ready for school to be over.
I'm looking around my apartment and all I see are future projects!
Seriously. I can see 7 with my naked eye. That's only the stuff that's out in the open, not tucked away!

What's something that you're just itching to work on?

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  1. I love your vintage postcard idea. Can't wait to see what other things you have in store.


  2. The vintage postcards are amazing!

    Oh, there are so many things I want to do too. Unfortunately, like you, I have my job in the way so there is not enough time for all the projects I would like to tackle.

  3. hahaha i so agree Colie! I'm up to my eyeballs with my list of future projects looming several pages long. But I just found out today that Im not Working summer school so will have a mostly free summer full of creative projects! :)


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