Lovely Lamps {{Take 3}}

The best things come in 3's, right?
Does that include how many times you redo an item?

My lamps.
The story of Lumiere and Cogsworth is a bit long.
Long story short: they started out white, went through 4 coats of paint, and ended up very similar to their original state.

There go my indisiciveness and pickiness causing problems again!
(You can see the story of the first transformation here, and you can see here that I had decided after another transformation that they still didn't look right.)

They both started out with similar shades of white.

After seeing a friend's lamp turn out really cute, I wanted to make my lamps silver.
Why not?

That's why not.
Actually, they look worlds better in the sunshine. Once I brought them into the apartment, I HATED THEM. Ugh, they looked so hideous and fake!
So I changed the color once again.

Could I have chosen a worse color?!
I mean, aside from the nasty silver?!
Goodness gracious. I cringed every time I walked through the front door and saw these hideous things. My poor hubby probably got really tired of hearing me complain about them.

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to redo them.
And I knew just want I wanted to do.

First, I spray painted them a dark shade of brown.

Then a lovely shade of, you guessed it...

Ah, they look like beacons in the night.
The next step (during daylight, of course) was to start distressing.
Let me be clear with something. I had never distressed something before. Ever.
But I think they turned out lovely!

(This picture is closer to the acutal color.)

I am so very pleased!!
It took a few coats of paint (not to mention a few months), but the look is perfect. Exactly what I wanted!
All I need is a lampshade for Lumiere. Haha I know, I'm ridiculous - redoing lamps several times and neglecting to purchase a dang lamp shade. Oh well, it will happen soon.

Because I don't want to leave anyone hanging, I'll give a sneak peek of my newest love, my newest addition:
a $12 vintage trunk
Oh. Yes.

I know you're drooling.
Because even after almost a week of owning it,
I'm still drooling.

P.S. - I swear, I'm soooo close to finishing my vintage vision project. I'm inching along, and it is going to be fabulous!

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  1. You are not alone on the indecisiveness. My hole house is like that. I think it's great that you stuck to it though because they look beautiful!

  2. The finished lamps are great! Thanks for sharing. I am visiting from The Shabby Nest. I am your newest follower. Come over to Greetings From the Asylum and follow me too!

  3. I am always the same way. I have a bunch of half started projects because I got too indecisive in the middle of it.

    I am your newest follower from Wandering Wednesday.

  4. I do agree that those lamps look great in white. Once you start distressing though, you'll never be able to stop!!

    P.S. I want that trunk!!

  5. I love the lamps. You've distressed them perfectly and yes, I'm totally drooling over them and the trunk. Great job.



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