Weeds {are flowers, too...}

A simple reminder to myself.
Even the so-called "weeds" of my life have a purpose.
A beautiful purpose.
I may not see the bloom right now, but it will come.
It will come whether I want it to or not, whether I expect it to or not.
Because I am not in control.

P.S. - I love this photo. I took it during the first fall of my living in a very small town with one of my dearest friends. The weather was beginning to turn from summer to autumn. The pace of small town life was exactly what I needed.
And the quote? Well, I sure hope you know A.A. Milne. At least on the literary level.
(You do, even if you think you don't. I promise.)

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. That is so true in many ways, even literary. Having just cleaned out all the weeds from my garden, I have to admit that it was sometimes hard to rip up those cute forget-me-not and small violets. ;-)

  2. Love this. I just read a story about women in WW2 Concentration camps giving thanks for the little things they had. (Including cockroaches!)BLECH! They didn't know it at the time but it turned out that the infestation kept the Guards away so they were not raped and were able to hold bible study in their tent. We need to be grateful for all we have in life...including the weeds :)

  3. My favorite "weeds" are the forget-me-knots that grow behind my house!

  4. I'm thinking now that I spelled that wrong...forget-me-nots!


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