"Just because she has something to add to a discussion doesn't mean she should."
- Jessica Darling, Perfect Fifths

I should be reminded of this from time to time.

Sometimes (well, maybe a lot of the time), things just fly out of my mouth before I think about how someone that is not inside my brain might take it.
This is a problem.
I have unintentionally hurt so many people by my words. Most of the time, those wounded are the people that I cherish and respect the most.
Why do I do this?? I don't really know the answer. But I believe that, in part, I am subconsciously checking to see if people are actually listening to me. I am realizing more as time goes on that I have an issue about not being heard by those around me. It is so so so so stupid. And I don't mean to do it. However, I clearly have issues.

I know better. I know that I am supposed to hold my tongue. I guess I am figuring out, all over again, that this doesn't only apply when I am speaking out of anger or hate. Humor can also cause a lot of damage. The little things that I say matter, too.

Live and learn.