Halloween Handiwork

I was in the Halloween spirit today (pardon the pun).
I mean, come on. It's the first official day of fall!
So what did I do about it??
Made crafty things!

First, I took an old frame and spray painted it black. Then I sized some scrapbook paper to fit and added some fun words in Halloween stickers (had some, purchased some 50% off) randomly. Added the purple ribbon that I already owned to hang it with, and ta-dah!!
(I really need a camera. My phone doesn't do these justice!)

I purchased a few packs of pumpkin spice votive candles ($1 per pack of 8!), festive ribbon (50% off), and votive vases (99 cents each). I used some of the stickers that I bought for my frame to add some character.

Then, I bought the orange stem (50% off) and used my Spanish moss to finish my arrangement that I started a long time ago. So festive and cute! :)

That's not all, but definitely the cream of the crop.
Thank goodness for holiday inspiration!


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