An absolutely ridiculous idea has been hoovering in my brain for the past few weeks.

I want to make a quilt out of my old cheerleading and high school tshirts.
I want to make it myself.
I want to hand stitch the entire thing.
Am I crazy? Probably. But I don't really care.

The book that I am reading is ironic when I mention that silly idea.
Sarah's Quilt, by Nancy E. Turner

It is the sequel to my favorite book in the whole wide world:
These is my Words, by Nancy E. Turner
Not long ago, I asked some friends the question, "If you could read ONE book for the rest of your life (excluding the Bible), which would it be?"
Eventually, I had to answer the question myself.
This book was my answer.

It is a fictional diary based on the real life of Sarah Agnes Prine.
And it is fabulous.
My stepmother recommended this book to me a long time ago. The first time that I read it several years ago, it took a while for me to get into the story. However, I fell in love. I reread the book a few weeks ago, and it sealed the deal for me. This is my all-time favorite book.
If you enjoy historical fiction, I strongly encourage you to read it.

This post has been completely random. Very similar to my thought process today.
My apologies. :)


  1. I am trying desperately to finish a quilt I started for Ella right before she was born. I'm hand stitching it. I also hand stitched a quilt for our bed right after we got married. (ehemm, one of the edges still needs the binding finished, thought it hasn't kept us from using it all these years...) My suggestion? GO FOR IT!

    PS - I still have a box of my high school tee's that I'd like to use to make a quilt.

    PSS - This comment has left me with a sad reality that I start and don't finish too many projects. :)

  2. Good, I'm not the only crazy one! :) And you should totally make the tshirt quilt a project. It will be functional and not a box taking up space, as well as memorabilia!

    Also, I think my life is pretty much a bunch of unfinished products. As am I.


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