Tonight, I made the blackberry cobbler.
Patrick and I also hung up the makeshift mantle and sconce.

Blackberry Cobbler - Overall, it was very tasty. This was my first time to ever make a cobbler, and I have only made one homemade pie in my life. Weird, because I LOVE to bake. I guess my specialty is cookies. Anyway, there were a few things I will do differently on my next cobbler. First, there will be fewer berries. Second, the crust on top will be thinner. Third, I will not rush. I hurried through the crust because I wanted to be finished, and it turned out a little sloppy. To the perfectionist in me, well, that's just not okay.
The berries were HUGE and way juicy. I didn't know that my cobbler would be literally swimming in blackberry juice. In one of the pictures below, it shows a bowl of juice that I spooned out, yet it was still drowning. Crazy good berries, though!

Makeshift Mantle & Sconce - The "mantle" below is made of two shelves that Patrick had in his old room at his parent's house. Because he had so many heavy books on them, the wood is a little warped. But overall, it turned out well. The sconce, as we all know, is my favorite part! I still LOVE how it turned out. And fyi, the pictures in the picture (hmm... that sounds weird) are not staying. They are just there to fill up space for the moment.

(Again, these are from my camera phone. Sorry.)

The finished blackberry cobbler.

A drowning cobbler.

Complete satisfaction in my makeshift mantle and crafty floral arrangement.

Horray! I believe that today's adventures were a success.

P.S. - My cat is playing fetch as we speak. Patrick is throwing a crumbled up receipt, and then Chloe runs, plays with it, picks it up in her mouth, and brings it back to him. Absolutely hilarious! And who says that cats aren't as fun as dogs?!