Take A Moment; Call It Yours.

Oh, how I love days like this. The sky is a perfect shade of chalky gray. The temperature is just cool enough to make you go back inside to grab that favorite cozy sweatshirt. The air feels crisp and clean and inviting. The sparse leaves shiver in their places on branches and occasionally tumble across your feet as you walk. The bare limbs seem to whisper to each other in the breeze.

Others might view this sort of weather as gloomy and depressing; some may think the skies are harking of oppression and suffocation.

I do not agree.

It is on days like this in which I get giddy in taking pleasure in the small, quiet moments of the day. It is on days like this when I seem to breathe a little bit deeper, close my eyes a little bit longer, enjoy the moment a little bit more than I normally would.

A day like this does not call for the normal rat-race approach that life so often mandates. It begs that we take it slow. Sigh deeper, dream longer, enjoy more.

I'm embracing those chalky gray skies today, and I invite you to do the same. Wherever you are, take a moment. Call it yours. Own everything in it. Relish in the delight of your setting, for there is something precious to cherish.