Cookie Dough... Raw & In Bed

I am currently eating homemade (from scratch) chocolate chip cookie dough. Raw. In my bed. With my husband. While watching the OKC Thunder game.

I deserve this.

These past couple of days have been crazy. I worked worked worked all the live-long day on Monday, went to school and then work on Tuesday, read a book ("Of Mice and Men"... which should be italicized but that is not an option on my phone) and wrote two short papers that were turned in today.

Last night was rough. I almost had a mini emotional breakdown. I cried out to Patrick in despair, "HOW am I already BEHIND in school and I'm not even halfway through the second week?!?" Waaaaah!

I did it. I read the book. I wrote the papers. I worked and worked and worked. I survived, with a bit of support and encouragement from my favorite redhead.

So you know what? I don't care that it is 11:00 at night. I don't care that my belly is getting a bit pudgy due to my lack of exercise and proper nutrition. I don't care that I'm eating in bed (a forbidden act around here).

I'm enjoying the spoils from the internal scholarly war that has been the past 72 hours.

So eat that.
And some raw homemade (from scratch) chocolate chip cookie dough.