Thoughts of Thankfulness - Day 7: Perfect Moments

There aren't many "perfect" days in Oklahoma when you're talking about the weather. Often times, there is a ridiculous amount of wind or the weather changes on a dime from cloudy and cold to humid and warm or something of the like. Today, however, is not one of those days typical schizophrenic days.

Today is perfect.

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways today. He provided cancelled classes ahead of time. He provided a dear friend to help me conquer a seemingly-beastly assignment in record time. He provided just enough time for me to go grab lunch with that dear friend, and then gave me nearly two hours of free time - nothing to do in Edmond while waiting for my time to go babysit this evening. TWO HOURS OF MANDATORY FREE TIME. What is that?!?

I decided to grab some coffee and head to a local park. This park is gorgeous, filled with tall trees that are just now making the transformation from full and green to Fall and golden. The wind is virtually non-existent (I hate the wind, so I take notice every time the air is silent). There is a slight chill in the air as I sit in the shade and the sun slowly makes its early descent. The people here are quietly busy enjoying this perfect day: joggers pass almost silently as I sit at the concrete picnic table; dog lovers walk their cooperative canines along the path; a mom laughs as a photographer takes pictures of her loving, giggling, posing children against the Fall foliage; small children squealing with joy as they chase each other through the crispy, crunching leaves.

Seriously, I am choking back tears. I have SO needed this - quiet, peaceful time to myself (and by myself) to just sit and enjoy the world around me. Nothing to do aside from make notes and to-do lists as I relish these beautiful moments.

My life is so hectic and crazy so much of the time that I rarely get to do things like this. I can't even enjoy the world around me from my front porch - my street almost constantly roars with the noise and commotion of the ever-flowing traffic. I have nothing but a few trees to enjoy in my parking lot/junkyard of a backyard.

But the Lord has blessed me with these quiet, happy moments today which I am selfishly gobbling up as much as I possibly can. For that, I am thankful.

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