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You may or may not know this, but I am in a small (but growing) business with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. What do we do? We make jewelry and accessories, of course! Those "ADKOF" links up at the top will tell you all you need to know - you can even check out our Etsy shop! There is so much to choose from (over 100 posted items at the moment, with more going up in lieu of the Christmas shopping season coming up!

We also have our very own blog ( Rachel is usually the one posting, but we switched it up a bit today.  Recently, she posted about what has inspired her while she's been living in the Bahamas (coming home on Sunday - WAHOO!). Feel free to hop on over there (and FOLLOW) to get the best coupons and follower exclusives, and to see what Rachel has found to be so inspiring! HINT: you get to see gorgeous pictures of  where she's been living... IN THE BAHAMAS..... if that's not incentive, I don't know what is.

I loved her post so much that I felt that I should do the same. And that's just what I did.  Following is the bulk of my post from our blog, but it is such a great glimpse at my style that I just had to re-post it here:

We 3 designers may be glued together by the law and by our honest-to-goodness love for one another, but we are also quite different when it comes to personal taste... so why not give you a little glimpse into what I find inspiring?

I am certainly the youngest of the Womack women, but I am quite the old soul in many ways - from my choice of movies, books, clothing, you name it. Funny story... after telling Bernice about watching "Leave it to Beaver" the other day and wanting to watch shows like that with my future children, she made a comment to me: "I can totally see you like that, wearing a 50's dress, pearls, and heels in the kitchen."
I just about died. I've tried to tell everyone for YEARS that, if I had the wardrobe, I would dress like that every single stinkin' day of my life. That style just screams classy to me. When I was younger, I would wear a dress every chance I got and the better the twirl factor, the better the dress. There was also a phase where I would only wear pink and black. Don't let me fool you, though; I was quite the tomboy in so many other ways, just not when it came to my clothing.

When I need inspiration for my home decor, my wardrobe, gift-wrapping, jewelry design, etc., I look no further than the days of old, especially those in Hollywood.  My favorite color palette is even classic; my husband's best friend commented to me about that several years ago, saying, "When I think of you, I think of red, black, white, and gray." While his statement couldn't be more accurate, the irony came in what I was wearing: red, black, and white. Ha!

There is a somewhat unexpected aspect about my love for the days of old, though. A huge part of me desires to be a prairie girl, living in the country wearing prairie dresses and aprons while enjoying life on a farm. I blame this on two things: 1) our living on a farm in Oregon when I was very young and 2) my mother reading to me the entire "Little House on the Prairie" series during my youth. A palette of whites, laces, burlaps, creams, and browns with a splash of floral pattern - that's my alternative dream wardrobe, country style.

So there you have it - a pictorial glance at what inspires me in so many different ways.  If you've stuck around this long, thank you so much for sharing a part of your day with me!

I would love to know what inspires YOU!

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  1. I found you from Somewhat Simple. I love your inspiration photos. They scream of loveliness and grace. So many women now do not want to be known as ladies. Awe to bask in the femininity. You may like my daughter as Audrey Hepburn here:


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