A Vintage Vision - Finally Finished!

There's something that I must confess.
I have been a terrible tease.
For a little over a month, I have had a vision.
A vintage vision to be precise.
And now, it has been fulfilled in
all of it's beautiful, crafty, old world glory!

Just because I am dying to show it off, here's a glimpse...

Ain't she purdy?!

So how do you get this

to look like this?

I'm glad you asked! Here, I'll show you.

First, you need a few things.
- a window frame (without the glass)
- vintage treasures (pictures, post cards, etc.)
- lots o' burlap
- mini clothespins
- eye pins (earring hardware)
- super glue
- spray paint
- sand paper
- wood clamps

Make sure your frame is nice and clean, then spray paint!
I purchased my window frame a looong time ago, and the front had already been somewhat painted. At first I wanted the frame to be a dark brown, but then I changed my mind (imagine that!).

Oh, by the way. I got a little excited as my plans changed and forgot to take the "after" photos of the frame. Oopsies!

Now that you have your frame the color that you want, go ahead and seal it.
Don't forget to sand and distress your frame before you seal it!!
And while you're waiting for all of those coats to truly dry, it's time to make something to hold those gorgeous vintage items!

I found these particular beauties last fall. You can read that story here.

Now, as for the clips to hold the post cards, I wanted to create something that would not be permanant on my frame's background. What to do? Then I had an idea!

I wasn't sure which piece of hardware that I was going to use, but I decided to try out the eye pin (the straight one) first. Good thing, because it worked perfectly!
I superglued the eye pin to one side of the mini clothes pin and let it sit. And sit. And sit.
I guess it never said that the glue was fast drying, but still!

Once those things are super dry, I held onto the base and gently bent the pin into the shape of a hook. The idea is to have a wide enough hook in order to easily slip the hooks in and out of the burlap.

Now, for the burlap.
Lordy, this was by far the part that took the longest!
I started with a burlap sack and cut it open so that it layed flat, then I took the middle "seam" and lined it up with the middle of the window frame and glued the two together.

Of course, the wood clamps held the burlap in place.
Also, I had to place something in the midde until the glue really started to set. I used slippers because they were light weight and it didn't care about getting a little glue on them.
(Actually, they were Mr. Ginger's. Shhh.... he doesn't know!)

Then came the really time consuming part.
And the majority of that time was spent waiting. And waiting. And waiting.
In order to properly glue the burlap to the frame, it had to be tight across the back. The only way to do that was to glue the burlap inch-by-inch.
Gaaahhhh it took forever!
But it totally paid off.

After you have finished gluing the burlap to the frame, you can cut of the excess! You're almost finished!!

To hang up the frame, I took the back hangy-upper part (very technical term, I know) of a thrifted picture frame and put it onto the back of my window frame instead. Genius, I know!

Clip your vintage lovelies and slip the clips into the burlap.

And there you have it!

Don't you just love when a project turns out exactly how you want it to look?

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  1. absolutely LOVE it nicole! so inspriring! :)

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  13. Just perfect... Love it... and a great tutorial too. Thanks! :-)

    Warm blessings,

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