Birthday Bliss

It's official.
I'm in my mid-20's!
To be clear, I am now 24.
(As of yesterday, anyway...)

The actual day was pretty boring and lonely yesterday,
but Mr. Ginger had plans for the evening.

He walked through the door with these.
The redhead knows how to make me happy. :)
Aren't they just lovely?!

Then we went to dinner at my all time favorite restaurant.
Good gracious, I LOVE Italian food!
Then a little bit of birthday dessert. Mmm, can't beat free treats!

We were also able to celebrate a little bit on Saturday night with the fam.
First came the Mexican food. Mmmmm!
Then came chocolate cake galore!

I do believe that I have the best date of birth out of the entire year.
June 6th.
Maybe it's the symmetry that I love: 6/6.
Yes, I had my birthday on "Satan Day" during 2006.
No, I did NOT go see "The Omen". Satan wasn't going to get any glory from me on my birthday!

I am also incredibly spoiled and blessed.
I'll share my gifts later. Right now, I'm going to keep them to myself!

P.S. - Vintage Vision post coming later today! Horray!!
Oh, and I'm linking up to Good Life Wednesdays!


  1. Glad you had a lovely day (well 2 days!) for your bday :) Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.


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