What's been going on this week? I'll put it in as simply as I can.

Sunday: Matt Chandler. Lots of homework. Then...
Seriously. The WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE. Started about 2:30. I was in complete agony until I had Aspirin, Tylonol, and Aleeve in me, along with topical pain reliever and temporary filling material with Aspirin mashed up in it.
SERIOUSLY. I thought my neighbors were going to come knock on my door. I was screaming that loudly from the pain.
I had an abscessed tooth.
And I honestly think that it is worse than what childbirth will be like. (A lady at the dental clinic said it is totally worse, btw.)
Without my mom coming to the rescue, I honestly do not think I would have survived.

Monday: Visit to a "free" dental clinic. $50 for an emergency appointment. Confirmed, I had an abscessed tooth. Prescription for non-penicilin antibiotics and Darvocet. $20 for the prescriptions. Sleep. Lots of homework. Class.

Tuesday: Class. I was a bit loopy from the pain meds. Homework..... and I don't remember anything else. Except for writing an awesome paper in one sitting.

Wednesday: Class. I had an essay due, a quiz, and a test. Lordy. Still on the pain meds. MORE homework.

Thursday: NO MORE PAIN MEDS! Right before class, the pain came back because I was OUT of my precription. UGH it was terrible. Not quiiiite as bad, but almost. Bad enough!
Class. Then the dreaded ROOT CANAL.
I know they aren't that bad, but I was TERRIFIED. I have had two before (my teeth are terrible, despite my efforts). But I get soooooooo nervous when I go to the dentist. And I have probably the BEST dentist in the universe!
They had to numb me FOUR different times before I couldn't feel most of the action. The last shot had to go directly in the nerve. Let's just say... I cried. It hurt SO BADLY.
But my dentist is amazing. His assistants are amazing.
And my family is amazing. Patrick stayed with me for almost the whole time, despite his own personal fear of going to the dentist. And when he had to leave, my mom came to pick me up. I have wonderful support.
Oh.... and I got more pain meds.

Friday: Class. Final essay due. My bi-weekly cleaning job. And homework. And pain meds.

It's been a week.
My husband has been SO great. He has woken me up during the awful hours of the night to make sure I get my pain medication.
Patrick, my mother, and my mother-in-law are all amazing and so giving. Between the three of them, I was able to arrive at all of my classes, appointments, etc. (I'm not allowed to drive with the Darvocet).
I am so blessed.

Now I just have to schedule the appointment for my crown. Booo.