Delightful Decorations

Patrick's mother and I went to a few shops today. I wanted to buy these adorable little pumpkins (about the size of my fingernails) for the hurricane that we got for a steal at Pier 1. I knew that it needed something more, and I immediately knew that these were the ticket.

SO. We went to a few shops, and the first one was for the pumpkins. I picked out a scoop of the best pumpkins, which was $2.50 per scoop. We looked around the shop and went to the register to check out.  The lady was wrapping up a lot of items for the previous customer.
She looked at me and asked, "Honey, is that all you're wanting to get today?"
I replied that it was.
She replied, "Oh, go ahead and take it! I'll be a while."
I was shocked. I told her that we could absolutely wait until she was finished, no big deal.
She just said, "No, no, go ahead! I want you to come back! We have an open house coming up the first week of November and I would love it if you came!"
It was only $2.50 to start with, but the thing I wanted most I got for free! She was such a sweet lady. :)

Then my mother-in-law went to this new store that she had previously told me about. It is an antique store, but has a ton of really cute things: new, old, refurbished. As we walked in, I knew it was a terrible idea, because I was SO IN LOVE. Thankfully, I managed to escape with only spending $20! I got an amazingly cute lamp for $10, and two awesome glass candle holders for $5 each.
I used my remaining pumpkins to fill the candle holders, though they are really cute with actual candles in them, too. They don't have a specific home yet, but I will figure it out. :)

The candle holders with the adorable mini pumpkins.
(I am tired of using my camera phone, btw.)

The lamp and the hurricane. I need a shade for the lamp, but the pumpkins are perfect!

All in all, I say it was a success.


  1. Karma. You put so much good into the world and a little came back to you. You deserve even more than free pumpkins! That was my kind of lady. Will you please post the address of the store ; ) Super cute, you crafty girl! I need to give you some of my cute acorns. They are the same size as your pumpkins. I think they would be so cute 'glittered up'.


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