Kenilworth: Old Town and Abbey Ruins

To top off our day at Kenilworth Castle and walking through the English countryside, a walk through abbey ruins and the historic part of Kenilworth was in order.

The daylight hours were waning and the wind was picking up. As we walked through the ruins of Saint Mary's Abbey, the darker hues allowed the ancient stones of the abbey the respect they deserved. The quiet of the abbey and the surrounding graveyard was accompanied by the joyful squeals and screams of children playing at the local park just yards away, muted by the shower of autumn leaves whirling and twirling in the gusts of wind, shimmering gold down on the park guests.

After soaking up the essence of the abbey and Parish Church Saint Nicholas, we headed to Old Kenilworth to kill some time before catching the bus and train back to Birmingham.  I love little English towns like this, where there is some gorgeous or quirky detail to behold at every turn. The architecture doesn't get old either, especially when it is adorned by both autumn leaves and roses alike.

Something I didn't know existed: one of the bricked-up entrances to WWII air-raid shelters.

All in all, our day exploring Kenilworth was completely worth it and all kinds of wonderful. I've been back two other times so far, and it is just as lovely every visit. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a true taste for anything having to do with English castles, countryside, or small towns. Basically, it's a winner!