Exploring Warwick: Autumn, Architecture, and Saint Mary's Church

Warwick has more than just the castle and beautiful castle gardens. This historic town is rife with photo ops as you walk down cobblestone streets filled with brick and half-timber houses. The windows and doors sport fantastic details that make you want to stop and take a photo at just about every step, but if you do that you'll never get out of there. But I guess that wouldn't really be such a bad thing after all.

After a long day milling around the castle and gardens, we took the opportunity to wander through the streets of Warwick, and boy am I glad we did. This quaint little town is just what we picture when we think of quintessentially English, and we can't get enough of it. We've been back to Warwick several times and are never disappointed. If you have any questions about something specific in the photos, don't hesitate to ask me!

(I'll say this again... this post will mostly speak for itself through pictures. Don't judge me too harshly: I was very new at using my real camera and take way too many pictures to edit them before posting. Unless I posted them on my phone, they aren't edited at all - and some of them you can definitely tell. I'm still learning!)

Thomas Oken Tea Rooms - oldest tea room in Warwick, and FANTASTIC cream tea!

The beginning of October meant that we were greeted with incredible autumnal elegance - England style. I'm telling you, I'll miss autumn in England when we leave. It's fantastic! I just wish they knew how to celebrate it properly. ;)

I know it's blurry, but this is one of my favorite pictures. No idea why!

While we were visiting Saint Mary's Church, an organist began to play. I wish I had been able to catch the whole thing (my phone was definitely running out of room at this point). It was beautiful. Ever since I was a child, the organs kind of creep me out if played in a dark or melancholy manner. I blame the movie Rock-a-doodle. Good news: I wasn't creeped out and was able to fully enjoy the experience.

Next, we explored the endless detail and beauty of the church - and went downstairs into the crypt!

"St Mary’s was founded on its present site in 1123 by Roger de Newburgh, the Earl of Warwick. The Crypt still remains from the original Norman building, and houses a rare example of a medieval ducking stool." [source link]

The ducking stool is one of only a handful (I think three?) that are known to still exist; this particular stool has been in the crypt for over 200 years - AKA the lifespan of the United States.

They weren't kidding about those steps...

They don't look dangerous, but they were definitely tricky!

We were chilled to the bone at this point, so we stopped at Costa for a treat and some hot beverages. I'm not at all impressed with their coffee, but I'm learning that such a state is my norm while in England. We do several things really well in America - and one of them is coffee. Amen.

And there we have it, folks - three posts to sum up our day experiencing Warwick and the glorious things it has to offer! Like I said before, this adorable town is a must-visit in my book. If you're ever in the area, hit me up and we'll grab a cream tea so delicious that it will knock your socks off.