2012 - A Partial Recap

2012 is proving to be a strange year, one that has been extremely difficult and yet incredibly rewarding.

Between walking through the last months and days of my Grandmom's life with her, walking through those extremely emotionally draining days before and the many after her death, a wretchedly difficult Spring semester in school, the birth of my "sister's" first baby (a beautiful girl!), my husband's graduation with his Master's degree, my oldest younger sister's graduation from high school, my baby sister's turning 13, a few straining and rewarding family vacations, rich time spent with my beloved 10th grade small group girls, walking with my mother-in-law (and the rest of my husband's family) through difficult days after the discovery and removal of her cancerous tumor, walking through the long days of recovery, the passing away of my sweet stepmom's mother (and, therefore, my sibling's grandma), beautiful weddings of some dearly beloved friends, sending my brother- and sister-in-law off to the Caribbean, and preparing to say goodbye to two of my sweetest and dearest friends due to moves out of the state/country, I fear that I may be wearing thin - emotionally, anyway.

Those events, of course, by no means cover even half of the draining and fulfilling moments - only a handful or two of the events that are most prominently in my memory at the moment. As I continue to reflect, there are so many other things that come to mind, both good and painful.

Thank God for his grace and renewing of my spirit. This world is just too much, sometimes.


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