I have a sick computer {and a cheery disposition}!


This week has been full of random, unusual events.  I had planned on getting some serious blogging done over the week and this weekend.  Since spring break, I have been borrowing my MIL's camera in order to document my various, slow-going projects.  The plan was to get the pictures put onto a cd and give the camera back.  It has been in my possession for about a month.

But it's kind of hard to blog when your computer gets a virus.

Ugggh!  Seriously annoying!  Apparently there was nothing that I did wrong or could have done to prevent it, because this particular virus is on about 28,000 websites of all shapes and sizes.  Awesome, right?  Praise the Lord that it didn't happen next week when I will be knee-deep in assignments, power points, and papers.  

Long story short, the Geek Squad (aka Best Buy) has my computer (I'm using hubby's at the moment, but not for long! He has a research paper due this week!).  After $200 and a day or two, I should have my technology baby back in my arms with a year's worth of protection.  Looks like that camera's going to have to wait a little while longer.

The posts are going to have to wait, too.  Sigh.  I've been wanting to share the DELICIOUS and fabulously easy recipe for the most divine mini cheesecakes!!!  Oh well.  All in due time, I guess!

On another note, is anyone having trouble with bitterness or the lack of desire to forgive?  Because I sure am!  It's not something that I am proud of, that's for sure.  This ugly beast has been eating me from the inside out for a while now (I wrote about it in October, but this is a hard one to kill).  And I know that not everyone believes the same things that I do, but I think it's funny how God works in my life.  He used my least favorite class to remind me of what needs to happen with my attitude.  My professor was gone and we were watching a video about the effects that the Vietnam War has on its citizens today.  Then the narrator said this:

"Life isn't fair, but bitterness can't change anything."

Wow.  He didn't say that bitterness doesn't change anything, like it has a choice.  It can't.  Not for the better, anyway.  It can change people and their attitudes in negative ways, but it can't change the fact that crappy things happen in life.

I'm putting that quote everywhere.  You know, as a reminder.  Because I need lots of those.  :)

And as another reminder to have a cheery, sweet (get it, not bitter?! bahaha) disposition, a little music to get me in the bouncy mood.  That's right, I said bouncy.

Oh, these Hanson brothers.  They never fail to make me laugh!
And that weird guy in the red pants? Totally Weird Al Yankovic!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Great post Nicole. Hope your pc comes back all safe and sound. Yes, bitterness and forgiveness certainly aren't easy. Personally I went through a time where I really struggled with it. As I've gotten older I really have realized that I'm only allowing the people who hurt me to maintain their power over me. I'm only hurting myself. Forgiving doesn't mean condoning what they've done at all. It just means we aren't allowing it to hurt us anymore. It also doesn't mean we are going to put ourselves back in a situation where they are able to hurt us. Remembering these things, and a lot of prayer and study has helped me put a lot of things in the past. I certainly haven't forgotten but I've chosen not to let them impact so much on my life anymore, especially by dwelling on the hurts. It's helped me to move on. Easier said than done, especially if it's recent and raw. Time will help. I still feel anxiety in certain situations and that's where a lot of prayer and reliance on God help me. It does affect ones trust in certain people, but I try to maintain a christian attitude toward them, while not getting too involved.



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