Dreaming of Relaxation

I wish I was here...
(Saint Lucia)

...with these in front of me...
(an undisclosed beverage and Saint Lucian BLT's)

...with this wonderful man.

Unfortunately, this cannot be.

Meanwhile, I'll be looking a lot like this...
(replace the red bull with large amounts of coffee)
(seriously, I have had a pot every morning and every night this week!)

Tomorrow is Friday!
As my bff would say...
(praise the Lord!)

Hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am!


  1. Hope you don't work too hard. Love your new vacuum cleaner. We bought an upright Dyson a few years ago. It's bagless which I love, and has a hepa filter, which I have to remember to clean. Ours was awesome for the first few weeks, but I think I've wrecked it. I accidentally removed parts that weren't meant to be removed. We superglued them back on, and now it overheats and cuts out after a short stint, so it takes forever to do a room. So glad we mostly have hard floors. Your's looks like a definite winner.



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