June 14, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Finds: Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I had the itch to go antiquing. And boy, am I glad I did!

If you remember, I gave a sneak peek of my finds. Actually, it was a pretty extensive peek. But there were more items found after the fact!
I have decided to aspire for a vintage French Country kitchen, and I have found some lovely vintage items to start out with!
(Also, the English Major in me severely wants to correct the previous sentence - you can't end a sentence with "with"! But I'm leaving it be. It's called dialect.)

The items in the basket were the finds of the first day.

*In my next post, I'll show you the fate of the lovely vintage wire basket.*

But this time around, it's all about the kitchen gadgets!

Aren't they just the cutest little family?!

The beater, the sifter, the egg separator, and the cheese grater.
Cuter than buttons, each and every one of them!
And next time...
it'll be all about the basket!

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June 8, 2011

A Vintage Vision - Finally Finished!

There's something that I must confess.
I have been a terrible tease.
For a little over a month, I have had a vision.
A vintage vision to be precise.
And now, it has been fulfilled in
all of it's beautiful, crafty, old world glory!

Just because I am dying to show it off, here's a glimpse...

Ain't she purdy?!

So how do you get this

to look like this?

I'm glad you asked! Here, I'll show you.

First, you need a few things.
- a window frame (without the glass)
- vintage treasures (pictures, post cards, etc.)
- lots o' burlap
- mini clothespins
- eye pins (earring hardware)
- super glue
- spray paint
- sand paper
- wood clamps

Make sure your frame is nice and clean, then spray paint!
I purchased my window frame a looong time ago, and the front had already been somewhat painted. At first I wanted the frame to be a dark brown, but then I changed my mind (imagine that!).

Oh, by the way. I got a little excited as my plans changed and forgot to take the "after" photos of the frame. Oopsies!

Now that you have your frame the color that you want, go ahead and seal it.
Don't forget to sand and distress your frame before you seal it!!
And while you're waiting for all of those coats to truly dry, it's time to make something to hold those gorgeous vintage items!

I found these particular beauties last fall. You can read that story here.

Now, as for the clips to hold the post cards, I wanted to create something that would not be permanant on my frame's background. What to do? Then I had an idea!

I wasn't sure which piece of hardware that I was going to use, but I decided to try out the eye pin (the straight one) first. Good thing, because it worked perfectly!
I superglued the eye pin to one side of the mini clothes pin and let it sit. And sit. And sit.
I guess it never said that the glue was fast drying, but still!

Once those things are super dry, I held onto the base and gently bent the pin into the shape of a hook. The idea is to have a wide enough hook in order to easily slip the hooks in and out of the burlap.

Now, for the burlap.
Lordy, this was by far the part that took the longest!
I started with a burlap sack and cut it open so that it layed flat, then I took the middle "seam" and lined it up with the middle of the window frame and glued the two together.

Of course, the wood clamps held the burlap in place.
Also, I had to place something in the midde until the glue really started to set. I used slippers because they were light weight and it didn't care about getting a little glue on them.
(Actually, they were Mr. Ginger's. Shhh.... he doesn't know!)

Then came the really time consuming part.
And the majority of that time was spent waiting. And waiting. And waiting.
In order to properly glue the burlap to the frame, it had to be tight across the back. The only way to do that was to glue the burlap inch-by-inch.
Gaaahhhh it took forever!
But it totally paid off.

After you have finished gluing the burlap to the frame, you can cut of the excess! You're almost finished!!

To hang up the frame, I took the back hangy-upper part (very technical term, I know) of a thrifted picture frame and put it onto the back of my window frame instead. Genius, I know!

Clip your vintage lovelies and slip the clips into the burlap.

And there you have it!

Don't you just love when a project turns out exactly how you want it to look?

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June 7, 2011

Birthday Bliss

It's official.
I'm in my mid-20's!
To be clear, I am now 24.
(As of yesterday, anyway...)

The actual day was pretty boring and lonely yesterday,
but Mr. Ginger had plans for the evening.

He walked through the door with these.
The redhead knows how to make me happy. :)
Aren't they just lovely?!

Then we went to dinner at my all time favorite restaurant.
Good gracious, I LOVE Italian food!
Then a little bit of birthday dessert. Mmm, can't beat free treats!

We were also able to celebrate a little bit on Saturday night with the fam.
First came the Mexican food. Mmmmm!
Then came chocolate cake galore!

I do believe that I have the best date of birth out of the entire year.
June 6th.
Maybe it's the symmetry that I love: 6/6.
Yes, I had my birthday on "Satan Day" during 2006.
No, I did NOT go see "The Omen". Satan wasn't going to get any glory from me on my birthday!

I am also incredibly spoiled and blessed.
I'll share my gifts later. Right now, I'm going to keep them to myself!

P.S. - Vintage Vision post coming later today! Horray!!
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June 1, 2011

Extra! Extra! {{Lots of News!}}

Lordy, it feels like the hurdles never end!

First off, I'll start with some good news.
I've found some uh-may-zing items at the local antique stores.
And I FINALLY have a detailed vision for my future dream kitchen! Or, in the meantime, my day to day kitchen.
I'm thinking red, black and white Vintage French Country.
And it will happen!

Those are my adorable antique finds!
The basket.
Oh, the basket!! This vintage beauty was a bit more pricey than I wanted, but it is utter perfection. More on that darling piece later.
The kitchen accessories.
All of them were $2.00 or less. Yep, legit vintage for cheap!
I am so so so in love. I fee like I say that a lot, but that just means there is a whole lot of love going around.

And remember that HUGE garage sale that I had mentioned?? The one that took weeks of preparation? The one that took all of my spare time and energy?
Well, it was a HUGE success!! In all honesty, we sold 95% of the items for sale!
My inlaws have a ginormous driveway. I think it can hold about 10 cars (closely parked, of course). Needless to say, the garage sale had to be of a substantial size in order to look like anything from the street. We took advantage of that space and had 3 looooong rows of tables covered in items, boxes of stuff underneath, and lots of furniture all over the place. Not to mention the 4 full sized blankets conveniently placed on their giant, beautiful lawn that displayed tons and tons of clothing, shoes, and linens.
And we sold almost all of it!! What a blessing! Because NOTHING came back into my inlaws' house.
(Okay, maybe one frame that held a picture of the Grand Canyon. But that was it!)

Now I'll update with the "mixed feelings" news.
We're moving.
In 30 days.
Actually, it's really closer to 29 days. This day is pretty much over.
And I hate moving.
We were actually looking to move to a place with cheaper rent. Our search has been sporadic but completely fruitless as well. We even caught a scammer! The lease with our apartment complex ends on June 30th, but we weren't wanting to be too pressed for time, so we figured that we could rent month-to-month for a month or two.
No big, right? Well, it actually is a big deal.

I came home today to a notice saying that it was time to renew our lease.
Unfortunately, it wasn't as pleasant of a surprise as this scene from earlier in the day:

Super Mario Kart in real life?
We live in a high-quality establishment.

If we renew our lease for the same 1 bedroom apartment, our rent goes up from $630 a month to $660 a month, minimum contract of 6 months. If we chose not to renew our lease and went month-to-month, the rent for the same apartment would be $680 a month, plus a $30 (subject to change) m-to-m fee, making the rent $710 a month.
Umm.... say what?! Seriously?!
This place is NOT worth $630 or $660 a month, let alone $710!
I called the hubby, who was on his way out, back up to the 3rd floor to look at this ugly piece of paper. And we knew exactly what we had to do. Away we went, giving our 30 day notice.

What's even better is the area in which we live.
Hubby and I were driving around the surrounding neighborhoods tonight looking for any houses that had a "For Rent" sign. There weren't very many, but we found this:

How encouraging.
That 3rd floor apartment sure is safe in our area of the "hood".

I'm exhausted just thinking about it. If I had the energy, I would explain the entire story of last year's moving day dilemma. It was a complete nightmare. Granted, we were moving from a small town into the "big city", but it was a traumatizing event. I can't tell you how many tears were shed. My voice was hoarse and my eyes were puffy and red for quite a while.

As stated earlier, I hate moving.
I mean, I really hate moving.
You have to understand. I've never, in my entire life, lived in one home for more than 5 years. If I can count it correctly, I had lived in 8 different homes by the time I was 16 (there may be more, I was very young for a lot of the moves). By that time I had lived in 4 different states. Once I moved to Oklahoma, that made 5 states. I have now lived in 5 different places since the move in 2003.

The grand total: 13 houses/apartments/duplexes in 5 states in my nearly 24 years.

I've packed my fair share of boxes.
I've unpacked my fair share of boxes.
I'm tired of moving.

So there goes my month of June.
It was a nice thought, having a month off, only having to worry about one online class.
Eh, such is life!
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