Growing and learning amidst the heartache

A year ago today, we buried my sweet Grandmom, Erin Dale Miller. That day was the last time that I hugged my wonderful and goofy cousin Joey Miller - we buried him eleven months later.

Within the past year, the Lord has taught me a lot of things - many of them through various goodbyes. Friends leaving, broken relationships, family members passing from this world. My heart has hurt so much for so many reasons over this past year; I have been so anxious and stressed and saddened, but there has been so much growth in that hurting heart of mine because of it. My God has taught me so many lessons through these trials.

He has taught me that the wounds from which I suffer will slowly but surely heal.

He has taught me that, no matter who is no longer in my life for whatever reason, He is always by my side.

He has taught me that whether it be people, material things, or spiritual things that I need, He will always provide exactly what I need in the exact time that I need it. He will provide food, money, encouragement, rest, joy, people to share my life with - anything and everything.

He has taught me that my family, friends, church body, and - most importantly - my spiritual relationship with Him, my Savior, the King of Kings, are much more precious than anything else I could ever attain.

The Lord is good. His work is good. His people are good. His plan is perfect. May I be able to truly rest and rejoice in that.