The Art of Balance

I don't do "balance" well. The fact of the matter is this: I get distracted quite easily, so I'm either 100,000% focused on my task OR I am not focused enough and try to accomplish a million different things at once.

(For the record, it has been said that American English is a highly exaggerated language; taking that last bulk of content as an example, I cannot even begin to imagine how people could make such a grossly misconstrued assumption.)

I also have a problem with this thing called "sarcasm"..... It gets me in trouble more often than I would like to admit.

That's not the point... back to my problem with balance. Priorities come in as major players in this difficult game, but I get them all mixed up according to which deadline is most pertinent AND which I would prefer to do the most.

Take tomorrow for example: I have a ton of reading to do for class, but I have already read 5 chapters of the assigned 7 chapters of reading, so that's no longer in the first slot. I am completely out of foundation and tomorrow is my longest day so I obviously have to buy some in time to apply it. I also have this free $10 coupon to Old Navy that expires tomorrow, so that's obviously pretty high on the list. My fridge is becoming sparse, we're out of all sorts of cleaning supplies, and I desperately need some produce in my life. You can bet that produce is higher than homework on my list.

And thus, tomorrow will be a race to see how many tasks I can accomplish and in which order... man, my priorities are slightly askew.

Nothing new, I guess.

The end.