The Candy Cane

Candy canes.

I had every intention of writing yet another summary post of the goings-on here since my last post.
Then I had a candy cane.
[Guess that post (or those posts) will have to wait....]

Talk about taking me back in time in a matter of seconds!  What is it about these deliciously simple treats that scream Christmas and urge you to ponder the days of Christmas past? 

Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't help but notice that the second I started to enjoy that savory sweetness, I instantly thought of the Christmases of my youth.  I know that I'm only 25 and I'm relatively young, but this candy cane has me remembering elementary school Christmas parties on the last day before winter break.  Hours of consuming ridiculous amounts of sugar, causing my poor teeth so much agony.  Creating oh so many reindeer (Rudolph, of course) with pipe cleaner antler and pom pom noses, and trying to glue on those dang googley eyes.  Christmas music, lots of red and green, exchanging gifts (usually candy canes or something else equally as inexpensive), and drinking hot cocoa.

Those same Christmas memories blend with those I have of Christmas at home with my tiny family during those formative years.  We were quite poor, but my momma always found a way to make Christmas special.  So many memories have flooded my consciousness with just a single taste of that candy cane, yet I'm oddly giddy and glad that it happened in an instant.  After a day of taking two finals and preparing myself for three more, my weary soul wasn't in much of a Christmas mood.

That has changed, thanks to that sweet and simple little candy cane. :)