{Seriously} MIA

Can it be? Has it really been over a month since I have last blogged?!

Holy toledo, Batman!

Honestly, I never meant to take this extended of an absence.
It all started with school becoming ridiculously busy.
Then, I took the plunge.

On Fat Tuesday, I impulsively decided to give up Facebook for Lent. No, I'm not Catholic, but I did it anyway. It's always a good reason to give up something that has taken control of a portion of your life.

Once upon a time, I lived in an itty bitty small town while my now-husband went to school. I had no computer, no internet, and no home phone. It was for those reasons that I decided to purchase a smart phone with internet capabilities. After all, I needed access to the outside world! I have since moved back to The City, have purchased a computer, and obviously have internet (I took an online course last semester, so it was a necessity).

Since then, Facebook had become a physical habit and complete waste of time. For crying out loud, I would get onto my facebook, look at the updates, get off, and get right back on multiple times without realizing that I had done so. It became a habit for my hands. And it was how I communicated with the majority of the people in my life. SAD.

So I followed my bff's lead and gave it up for Lent. And apparently everything else on the internet fell by the way-side without my knowledge.

This is my apology. I sincerely love this blog and love looking at everyone's creative updates, but I haven't found it a necessity lately. And that's probably a good thing. I also have been so busy (not to mention dying of allergies and a lovely broncheal infection that came as a result) with school and family that I haven't even been thrifty or crafty as of late!

Maybe this will change after another month or so. School will end as of the first week in May, and I will have 4 weeks of just work before summer school starts (*ahem, on my birthday! sad times!*).

Until the next post, just know that I'm trying to get my life and priorities in order. I didn't intentionally go a month without blogging; it just sort of happened. Don't give up on me quite yet. :)


  1. Don't ever apologize for not blogging. It's your blog, and you don't need to feel guilty. Hope you are feeling better. I've had sinus trouble for weeks, and it's really messed with me. So over it. Have a great week Nicole.


  2. I feel the same way with the being super busy factor! i finally updated mine again! check it out! we need to have another outing sometime soon! maybe when school is out for you!


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