Time goes by...

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I last updated! Ridiculous!!! That just goes to show how crazy life has been lately. However, it always happens this time of year. School went from 0 to 90 almost overnight. Add my husband's schedule plus family plus holidays and it just becomes a big crazy mess!

Haven't done many crafty things lately. I'll post what I have done, though. However, it's outdated now since it is officially the Christmas season!
(Sidenote: my apartment is offically confused as to what season it is currently. We went out of town for Thanksgiving and started right back into school. My poor apartment.)

I picked up this frame at Goodwill for $1.99.

Then came this:
The best part: the renovation was FREE.
I had all of the supplies in my scrapbooking junk. :)

We have also declared Saturdays as "Cinnamon Saturdays" at the Womack residence! Fun times.
My first time to ever make Monkey Bread was a success, thanks to The Pioneer Woman. Love that lady!

(This is the best picture I have. We were so ready to eat this tasty treat that taking a picture outside of the pan slipped my mind!) BOY was this thing delicious!!! Next time, though, I will cut the recipe in half if it is just the two of us. It makes a LOT.

And that's about it for now. My schedule is ridiculously packed and crazy with school, my husband's concerts, a trunk show, our annual Christmas date and our 1 year anniversary, holiday stuff, Hanson with my bestie, etcetera!

Merry Christmas!:)


  1. Hey sweetie! You were the winner of our giveaway...but I dont have an email address for you :0) Will you send me an email with your address and the store youd like the card to? Thanks for following!!!


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