May 28, 2011

Quick Update

Goodness, I miss my blog!
This garage sale (scheduled to start in exactly 6 hours...) has been consuming ALL of my extra time. But have no fear! I have finished my last week of work and have all of the time in the world for a whole week... after tomorrow! :)

Seriously. Almost every morning and evening (before and after work) as well as the weekends have been spent preparing.

Bear with me. And wish us luck. We've hit some pretty large bumps in our finance road and need to sell a LOT of stuff. And we need to clear out my inlaw's garage. Come one, come all!! Hasta la vista, baby!


May 19, 2011

Lovely Lamps {{Take 3}}

The best things come in 3's, right?
Does that include how many times you redo an item?

My lamps.
The story of Lumiere and Cogsworth is a bit long.
Long story short: they started out white, went through 4 coats of paint, and ended up very similar to their original state.

There go my indisiciveness and pickiness causing problems again!
(You can see the story of the first transformation here, and you can see here that I had decided after another transformation that they still didn't look right.)

They both started out with similar shades of white.

After seeing a friend's lamp turn out really cute, I wanted to make my lamps silver.
Why not?

That's why not.
Actually, they look worlds better in the sunshine. Once I brought them into the apartment, I HATED THEM. Ugh, they looked so hideous and fake!
So I changed the color once again.

Could I have chosen a worse color?!
I mean, aside from the nasty silver?!
Goodness gracious. I cringed every time I walked through the front door and saw these hideous things. My poor hubby probably got really tired of hearing me complain about them.

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to redo them.
And I knew just want I wanted to do.

First, I spray painted them a dark shade of brown.

Then a lovely shade of, you guessed it...

Ah, they look like beacons in the night.
The next step (during daylight, of course) was to start distressing.
Let me be clear with something. I had never distressed something before. Ever.
But I think they turned out lovely!

(This picture is closer to the acutal color.)

I am so very pleased!!
It took a few coats of paint (not to mention a few months), but the look is perfect. Exactly what I wanted!
All I need is a lampshade for Lumiere. Haha I know, I'm ridiculous - redoing lamps several times and neglecting to purchase a dang lamp shade. Oh well, it will happen soon.

Because I don't want to leave anyone hanging, I'll give a sneak peek of my newest love, my newest addition:
a $12 vintage trunk
Oh. Yes.

I know you're drooling.
Because even after almost a week of owning it,
I'm still drooling.

P.S. - I swear, I'm soooo close to finishing my vintage vision project. I'm inching along, and it is going to be fabulous!

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May 15, 2011

They Always Start Out Small...

Since school has been out, I have barely touched my computer. What a weird feeling!
Speaking of school, I am going to brag on myself for a second. I managed to get 4 A's and a B!! The B was in my college algebra class, the only class I have ever previously failed in my college career! I got a 101 on my geography final that I was so worried about, and that paper that terrified me? I only missed 2 points! But even better than an A on that paper was my professor's comment.:
"You made an excellent decision when you changed your major to English. This is where you belong!"
That seriously made my year.
Okay, I'm finished!

 I have been so busy over the past week or so with crafting, getting ready for and celebrating Mother's Day, a band banquet, hubby's birthday, watching Criminal Minds 24/7 (my gift to Petrie... not myself, of course), a surprise engagement party for dear friends, Petrie's family birthday dinner, and going through the inlaw's house for a MASSIVE upcoming garage sale that I haven't even had the chance to blog!

But have no fear... I'm back.
And with pictures, to boot!

I do, however, have a bit of annoying news. Because of my own lack of decision-making skills, my Vintage Vision project that I elluded to here is not yet complete. I'm working on it, though! It's about 85% finished! I promise! And I am super excited about it! Like all of the exclaimation points? Me, too!

Okay, I don't know if this upcoming story is just the case for myself or if it plagues others as well.
My oh-so-loving hubby has a nickname for me.
He calls me "Distracto".
I kid you not.
I guess it's because I get distracted while on task? A lot? Take my housecleaning for instance. I have to have a whole day to get anything done. Why, you ask? Because anytime I start something like, say, the laundry, I often get distracted while processing the loads. I may have to suddenly use the restroom, then I realize how dirty the bathroom mirrors have become. After I clean the entire mirror/sink area, I take the trash to the big trash can. Realizing that it has become quite full, I decide to take out the entire apartment's trash. While putting another bag in the can, I suddenly become aware of how dirty my stove looks, or how many things have accumulated on the bar counter. So, of course, I go through the entire stack of papers, shopping ads, coupons, junk mail, etc. Sometime during that process, I get super bored with it all and remember that I had laundry in the dryer. I go out to the laundry room on the deck to process the loads and I realize all of the sudden that my husband has the perfect nickname for me. I realize that I never put another load in the washer. Doh! I shake my head at the lost time and start all over again.
I'm seeing a lot of similarities between me and the "mouse":

Similar to my housecleaning, my crafty projects usually start small. I then change my mind about color, style, or purpose. My indecisiveness is irritating at times. However, even though the projects usually take a bajillion times longer than intended, they usually turn out better than they would have originally.

Take my latest project for example.

I had decided that this picture wasn't really doing it for me anymore. The photo is from my trip to Lake Crescent (yes, Twilight dorks, it is the same one from the books... I drove to Washington state with friends in 2008! Ultimate dork over here.) and had been in my bathroom for some time. I decided to be a little crafty with this frame instead of putting another photo inside.

I grabbed some scrapbook paper from my stash and went to town. After deciding which one to use, I trimmed it to fit the frame.

And then... ta-da! Looks great, right?!

Then, I put the frame back where it I had it before.
And it hit me.
I have a cabinet for the misfit things, much like the island for the misfit toys in Rudolph.

This picture is so embarassing. I just threw everything on top that I didn't want to deal with, completed tax crud included. Like all of the random cords? And the top half of a hutch that's sitting on the ground? Sigh. Now that I had a cute frame, I had to do something cute with this space. I looked around to see what I had to work with and came up with a few things.

And the end result?

Totally loving every bit of it!
My new tagline is:
"Burlap makes everything better!"
(A play off of the Braum's ice cream commercials.)

Almost everything in this picture has been thrifted or garage saled. The cabinet was $20 at a church garage sale that I purchased a couple of summers ago. I have yet to redo it, but it's on the list! I'm going to keep it white, but it needs a bit of work. The candle was a gift in a set, the "Together" sign, brown bottle, and cup and saucer were thrifted (the last being a very recent find), the burlap and flowers were on sale at Hobby Lobby a million years ago, and the frame I already had. Not too shabby, eh?

Let's just say that I am beyond please with how my small project turned into a decoration redo,
turning a drab space
into a fab space!

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May 5, 2011

The anticipation might kill me...

I have been sitting in the same chair at the library for the past 5 hours. My brain hurts and my hands are shaking due to nerves. I am about to submit a paper online, and for some reason that is infinately more terrifying than submitting a hard copy.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
After I submit this thing (I'm waiting for the hubbs to finish proofreading), I have ONE MORE FINAL.
And then it's
"Hellooooooooooooo, summer!"
At least until summer school starts.

In anticipation of the upcoming school-free month,
here is a sneak peek at another part of my
crafty to do list
for this weekend!

Eeek, I can hardly wait!
Wish me luck on my *last* final. I need an 85 or better to keep my A in the class. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but my test scores have been 86, 86, and 83. Talk about walking the line!

May 4, 2011

Weeds {are flowers, too...}

A simple reminder to myself.
Even the so-called "weeds" of my life have a purpose.
A beautiful purpose.
I may not see the bloom right now, but it will come.
It will come whether I want it to or not, whether I expect it to or not.
Because I am not in control.

P.S. - I love this photo. I took it during the first fall of my living in a very small town with one of my dearest friends. The weather was beginning to turn from summer to autumn. The pace of small town life was exactly what I needed.
And the quote? Well, I sure hope you know A.A. Milne. At least on the literary level.
(You do, even if you think you don't. I promise.)

Happy Wednesday!
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May 2, 2011

A Vintage Vision...

Brilliance has struck!
In the beginning of finals week. Boo!
Ah... oh well.
Here's a sneak peek...
hehe I can't wait!!! :)

A vintage window frame was being used (very temporarily) for holding the excess of holiday cards.
It's going from this... this...

...with the addition of these.
(here's the story about the amazing vintage post cards!)

Oh goodness gracious, I am SO ready for school to be over.
I'm looking around my apartment and all I see are future projects!
Seriously. I can see 7 with my naked eye. That's only the stuff that's out in the open, not tucked away!

What's something that you're just itching to work on?

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May 1, 2011

Old Books: Text & Texture

First order of business.
I was featured!!
Marni over at Sassy Sites
featured my yummy Mini Oreo Cheesecakes
in her Saturday Shout Outs!
Seriously made my weekend when I found out. Hers is one of my favorite blogs that I frequent, and she is so dedicated to keeping everyone involved! Marni is always hosting various blog parties, giveaways, and she does so many features. I don't know how she does it, but it's amazing. Go stop by and leave her some love!

I have also been featured by Carrie at Dittle Dattle
for the same recipe in her Amaze Me Monday post!
I can't tell you how many great ideas are on her site. You must go see for yourself! Her blog party is one of my favorites for a few reasons. 1.) There are hardly any rules - who doesn't love that?! 2.) SO many people link up a ridiculous amount of cute ideas! 3.) The pictures in the linky party are BIG. My terrible eyes thank her a thousand times for that.

Second order of business.
It is cold and rainy in the Armpit of America, and I am looooving it!
Huge thermos of coffee, classical music, rain, clouds, solitude, serenity. The only thing bogging me down is my dang algebra homework. It's all due tomorrow at 7:00am with my Chapter 5 test and Final Exam.

I have a final every day this week, and then I get a month off! There will be much more blogging going on after school is finito, that's for sure! I was able to escape for an hour or two the other day and snagged some AMAZING thrift store finds. I cannot wait to tell you all about them!

For now, though, I'll show you something else.
A quick post about one of my true loves. Books.
Especially old books. But any good story will make me infinitely happy.
Coupled with something else I love. Texture.
Maybe it was on purpose, the fact that the word "text" is in "texture".

They just have so much character, don't you think?
There's a quirky thrift store near my school. Most things there are ridiculously overpriced.
However, the books are steals.
And if they're damaged, it's half off of the typically $1.50 price.
Damaged is what I'm going for anyway, right? It's easier to justify tearing apart books if they're already broken. But that may just be me.

I'll be able to show you soon enough (well, probably not soon enough, but as soon as possible!) what I've done with these fabulous finds. You might have noticed, but you can see some of them here, hanging out with my little birdie friends. But just for the record books, I will go ahead and mention the fact that I am never satisfied with my decor. I'm constantly changing things around! I have so many "To Do" projects in my head just looking around the place. Probably drives my poor hubby crazy. ;) So even the picture taken a few days ago has changed a bit because of my thrifty finds.

Now that I've shown you one of my true loves, I would love to know something around your place that you truly adore!

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